Sunday, 20 April 2014

Trying out the best Japanese Ramen in Kuching @ Sando Ramen, ST3

Been always wanting to try out Sando Ramen as people claimed that you can get the best Ramen here in Kuching. Being able to survive in ST3 Mall since opening isn't something easy, so I guess their business is ok. Lately, they have this Supermain Deal offer and this serves the right time for me to purchase and try out! 
As we arrived, I was like "Hmm~ Nice place". They have all these lanterns hanging around . Located at the ground floor, just straight ahead from entering the main door. I never explore ST3 Mall, so kinda Sua Ku.. :P

Ok.. Now moving to the foods there. In our deal, we could get 1 Japanese Sando Ramen  + 1 Japanese Style Rice + Lobster Tofu + Potato Kuroge + Edamane for just RM 30.
First served with their Mix Chuka Set consisting of hotate, idako, wakame and potatoes salad. Yummeh~
Edamame (RM 4.90).
Lobster Tofu (RM6.90). Very crispy outer skin but soft tofu inside! Served hot after deep-frying and topped with mayonnaise and roes. 
Potato Korokke (RM6.90). Tasted something like hash browns. Nice too!
We were supposed to be given the options to choose from Kimchi/Garlic/Char Siew Fried Rice, but they did not have the Kimchi Fried Rice. So, decided to try the Garlic Fried Rice (RM7). Very fragrant and delicious. My mum loved this the most.
Original Tokotsu Ramen (RM18.90). I had chosen the original flavor of the ramen out from original/spicy/shoyu/garlic as I saw people's recommendation on the original flavor. In this Sando original tonkotsu ramen, we were served with ramen of cos, pork char siew slice, omega tamaga (perfect ramen eggs!), fish cake, bamboo shoot, kikurage and spring onions. The broth was really rich as it was boiled from pork bone, fat, meat and other ingredients which made it so creamy and flavorful! 
Pan Fried Gyoza (RM9.90). This was an extra dish which we ordered out from the menu. Tasted quite ok with this chicken -filled dumplings. Just kinda oily to my liking.
The foods here were rather tasty. Would try out others next time as they have quite a variety of choices especially the Ramens!

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