Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Celebration with Japanese Food @ Ten Ichi Japanese Restaurant

Well~ We had a secret celebration on going, so after some thoughts on where to dine, finally agreed by my parents to have Japanese Cuisine at Ten Ichi Japanese Restaurant, operated by Lok Thian Group. 
Refillable Green Tea (RM2.80/person)
Sashimi Salmon (RM9/2 slices). Very fresh~
Niku Tataki (RM20). Japanese cooking style of beef~ This dish was very delicious. The beef slices were tender and tastily cooked in the soya sauce. 
Ten Ichi Ramen (RM18). Dad had this. Served hot and I think it tasted ok. 
Hiyashi Chuka (RM16). I recommended this dish to my mum but she did not like it cos the noodles were served cold. Exchanged with my dad in the end. Haha~ I like it thou. Very appetizing.
Avocado Unagi Maki (RM14). This was really good!. The avocade went well together with the sweetened unagi, embedded in the sushi rice and seaweed roll. We enjoyed this alot.
Nabeyaki Udon (RM18). Tempted by the runny eggs, my udon soup was served hot with chicken chunks, Tempura and some other ingredients. 
Chawan Mushi (RM7/cup). Just ok la.
Salmon Pizza (RM24). I'm always a fan of Okonomoyaki. Plus, they have salmon meat added for this dish, so I ordered one to try. Turned up that my parents disliked it and I had to finish quite a lot. Still, I think Tomoe's version is the best so far for me.  
Big Japanese feast!! Satisfied!! :D

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Unknown said...

hmmmmm never seen a salmon pizza :P I wanna try ^^

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