Monday, 28 April 2014

Another celebration @ Sanga Japanese Restaurant

The previous dining session at Sanga Japanese Restaurant was a surprise from George. Now, we are back for another feast as this day marks this special moment of my birthday. :D I requested to have Japanese foods, so after being approved by my mum, we came here for dinner! I was allowed to order whatever I want to. Hehe~
Salmon Sashimi (RM20). Thick cuts of fresh salmon! Yummy!!!
Much recommended by bloggers, we ordered this Salmon Skin (RM6) for the first time for a try. It was really crispy and tasty! Everyone loves it!
We had 2 Bento sets. Each bento came with some servings of marinated meats topped with sesame seeds, fruits, salads, edamame, pickled radish, chawan mushi and also Japanese rice.
Bulgogi Bento (RM18). With this generous amount of finely grilled marinaded beef slices, it was awesome to be served together with the bento set.
Sukiyaki Seafood Bento (RM18). Having a mix of seafoods including salmon, mussels, squids, fish cakes, prawns, tofus, veges, mushrooms, and egg, this hot serving bowl was definitely worth the value.
Japanese Curry Bento (RM16). Yummy deep-fried chicken slices with the creamy Japanese curry. 
Potato Salad (RM5). I love this and surprisingly, my mum loves it too! She was surprised to find that Japanese version of Potato Salad tasted so nice as well. Lol!
This was a special order out from their menu. Umi Maki (RM22.90). Sth like Grilled Salmon Cheese Maki?? Well.. I like it! Just love anything with tasty salmons!!
Unagi Pizza (RM28). This was a recommended dish, so I wanted to give it a try. Not too bad, just that couldn't really taste the unagi bits. I still think that Tomoe's was better. :)

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