Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Thursday Chocolate & Cocktail Buffet @ The Club Lounge, Riverside Majestic Hotel

I was so pleased to enjoy the Chocolate & Cocktail Buffet at Riverside Majestic Hotel's Club Lounge which was only available on every Thursday only. The Lounge was located just in front of the hotel and you could spot the desserts (especially the chocolate fondue) when you passed by from Riverside Majestic Hotel to Parkson or vice versa. We eventually find that many pass-byers were so attracted when they walked past. 
Dining in comfortable sofas surrounding a round table where we could chit-chat and enjoy all the finger foods, we were first served with a glass of orange juice and plain water before we hopped around to grab our foods. There were 3 sections altogether, 2 on cocktail foods and 1 on chocolate desserts.
1st section of the cocktail bar
Fried Chicken and Cherry Tomatoes with Minced Beef. Tasted great, just that the foods were a bit cold.

Prawn Toastie with Mango Salsa. Very good!! 
Mozzarella and Turkey Ham Skewer. Should I just say everything was great??
Spring Roll with Plum Sauce. The sauce was like caramelized. Nice.
Cheese Baked Mussels. Even better if it was hot.
Now, foods from the 2nd section of the Cocktail Bar:
Chicken Mango Salsa (I think). Erm.. This was just ok la..
Maki Rolls which they also have wasabi and soy sauces to go with.
Fruits on Cheese Sandwich. Peach, plum and strawberry on the cheese layered sandwich! Delicious!!! 
Cold Tomato Soup with Parmesan Cheese and Tuna Canape. The tomato soup was"yucky" as I'm never a fan of tomatoes. The tuna canape was so so nice!
Mini Smoked Salmon Pinwheel Sandwiches!! This was so tasty! Fragrant smoked salmon rolled in the sandwiches which blended well together in taste! This is one dish you have to grab fast.
Moving on to the CHOCOLATESSS~~

Chocolate Cheese Cake. Erm~ Kinda disappointed cos I would like more cheesy taste.
Chocolate Creme Brulee. I removed the candies on top as the chocolate sauce was already sweet. The thinly layered creme brule below the chocolate sauce was very fragrantly eggy in taste. Not bad~
Chocolate Mousse Cake. Did not favor this a lot.
Chocolate Profiteroles.
Marshmallows and Fruits to dip into the Chocolate Fondant! Extremely good, tasty hot chocolate offered! Everything tasted awesome when I flooded them with the hot chocolate. Had to eat it fast thou cos the chocolate turned hard when cold.
Crispy Rice Chocolate Cake. This was so hard! Din like it.
Chocolate Raspberry Slice. This was delicious and it was topped with one of our favorite childhood cookies. 
Chocolate Banana Cake. This was just ok. Strong aroma of banana, but the flavoring seemed to be added artificially.
Chocolate Cake with Strawberry. Yum yum!
Chocolate Eclairs.
White Chocolate Tartlet.
Dark Chocolate Tartlet. Loved the dark chocolate as it was smooth and creamy, yet not too sweet to go along with the tart.

Chocolate Caramel Swiss Roll
Some of the desserts were not that up to expectation, but as I mentioned, every desserts turned out to be great when you eat together with the hot chocolate sauce. :D I'm a chocolate freak!!
Guilty (cos of high calories, carbs and fats) yet happy and enjoyable buffet!!! :p~ Try out yourself just at RM53/pax before the buffet is over!

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