Saturday, 1 September 2012

55th Merdeka Day

Happy 55th Birthday, Malaysia!! 

Started the day in Yeow Kee Kopitiam. As usual, the coffee shop was packed. It took us quite some time to get a seat. 

We ordered some dim sums. 
From the left (clockwise): Soup Dumplings 小笼包, Salted Egg Custard Buns, Crystal Dumplings 水 晶饺 (RM15.50)
 Soup Dumplings. They were lacking of flavor. The one I had in Imperial Duck was much nicer.
Crystal Dumplings. The dumplings are stuffed with some meat and vege. I like it, but my parents don't. I guessed it all depends on individuals.
Salted Egg Custard Bun. :-bd YUMMY!! Look at the melted salted egg. It's so rich and creamy.
My dad ordered a seafood kolo mee and yew tiao..
Seafood Kolo Mee (RM5.00)
Yew Tiao (RM2.00)
I also ordered a plate of seafood handmade mee from another stall. Tasted good. The mee was very Q, but it's kinda pricey. The stall is just in front of the shop.

Seafood Handmade Kolo Mee (RM6.00)
After breakfast, we headed to the Ranchan Recreational Centre at Serian. It was early, so there wasn't much visitors yet.

View of the mini waterfall
On our way back to Kuching, we came across stalls selling miserable numbers of durians. We stopped by a stall and guess what. They were selling 3 small durians for RM50!! We love durians, but did not buy anyway. It's too EXPENSIVE!

Was planning to have family dinner, but my parents were busy, so I went to my friend's place for steamboat. Before that, we went to the MJC market to see whether we can get any durians sold at a reasonable price. And yes, we did found people selling durians. The durians were much bigger and cheaper. Durians in town are much cheaper than those we get from outskirts. Imagine that!
5 Medium Size Durians for RM60. 
Fleshy and tasty durian. We thought that we might have 2 or more spoiled durians and low quality ones as it's only the beginning of the durian season. However, out of our expectations, the durians were all perfectly good. None of them were spoiled. And the taste?? FANTASTIC!!
 After our durian feast, we prepared for the steamboat.
Big and fresh bamboo clams!!
Aunty's Sweet and Sour Pork Leg. Tasted great. Very appetizing. Highly complimented by guests.
Played Musical Chair before the party. Haha!
Had a great Merdeka Day although there's nothing patriotic that I had done. :D

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