Monday, 3 September 2012

Trying out at Safari Grill & Western Cuisine

Safari Grill & Western Cuisine has been established for a few months. I had been longing to try the food here. Anticipated by recent posts regarding the grand opening of the shop in local newspapers, we finally set food to the shop. It is located at Jalan Mendu, facing the main road. Easily spotted location.
The Outlook of the Shop
There are varieties of food in the menu like Pork Knuckle, Safari Burger, pastas, pork, beef steak, Salmon Steak and so on. They have a Facebook page advertising their menu and by referring to that, we placed our orders by the 'yummy-licious' appearances of the foods. Healthy menus like Dory Fish and Chicken Breast are also available for gym trainees during weekdays.

First came our drinks. From the left: Pulpy Orange (RM4.00 for the whole bottle), Ribena Sprite (RM5.50) and Iced Mocha (RM5.80)
Safari Signature Lamb Chop @ RM24.90.
This tasted good. The portion was quite big. 

Alfredo Pasta @ RM21.90.
Very rich and creamy. My mum loves this. Like usual, having too much of creamy pastas would be a little bit irritating. But still, this is highly recommended!! 

Braised Oxtail @ RM33.90.
The meat is just nice and very tender. The fluffy melt-in-the-mouth mashed potatoes served along will definitely satisfy your taste buds. 
 They have other delicious looking food in the menu like the Rolled Chicken, Rolled & Roasted Pork, Safari Burger, Safari Volcanic Pasta (I like spicy foods :D) etc. Would try them out next time.

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