Sunday, 16 September 2012

乜都有 (Mat Dou Yao) Tong Sui

I went along with aunty to dance lessons. OMG! It was so tiring! We did ZUMBA dance for an hour and another hour of yoga.. My bones are cracking.. I'm getting old~~

After all those calories burnt, the fats were regained. We went to a place with lots of hawker stalls around, in which I don't know where is it. According to aunty, the stall called 乜都有 (Mat dou yao), which means everything is there, serves very nice dessert or Tong Sui. There are plenty of choices for you to choose from like longan, lotus seed, jelly, pearl, gui ling gao and so on. The desserts can be served cold or hot according to your preference.

The dessert was nice, but it could have been better if shaved ice is used.


Mabel said...

i just bought it from pasar malam(maccalum) the original price for that dessert is 4.20. then i ask her (In Ni Po)dont give so much ice. Den she take 5.00 from me. i first time have to pay 0.80 for less ice. and the poster are not mentioned any charges i did not ask her to put any additional thing. this is not a honest business.

Unknown said...

Wow.. 80cents for ice? =.= That's expensive.

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