Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Beginning of my Penang Life

I just relocated to Penang as I got a job in Agilent Technologies.  Kind of nervous and excited. This is my first job!! My first time in Penang!! And my first time staying away from home alone!! I had to trouble my distant relative to take care and accommodate me. Feel so uneasy and "pai se" as I had to trouble the old folks. They are Penangites but they just moved back from Brunei after 20+ years, so they are not so familiar with the roads as well. Furthermore, their place is in Gurney Drive which is quite far from my workplace. Anyway, on my first day, they picked me from the airport and we went for lunch together with their family. We came to this shop called Restoran Kampar Fish Jelly, located under the Queensbay Bridge, at Pantai Jerjak. They sell this Hakka mee, which i think it tasted like normal mee with some minced meat on top. Then, they have some sides which you can choose before entering the shop. Well.. Those sides are things we can get in Lok-Lok, Kuching. They have foods like in Yong Tau Hu and also some fried stuffs also. Besides, there were also some curry, pork leg etc. in which we did not order.

Inside the shop and the big signboard
Foods that you can get in Lok-Lok too
Additional Sides
The front of the shop and also the kitchen
The Soup with desired sides and Hakka Mee
Fried Foods
Closer view of the Hakka Mee
In the evening, we went for a stroll along Gurney Drive
The crowded Gurney Drive Hawker Centre
The view of the beach

Seafood Centre
Seafood Centre Entrance

Gurney Plaza
They have this electronic signs along rhe pedestrian walk. Very nice view at night.
Skyline of Gurney Drive
Evening view along Gurney Drive Beaches
 After some sightseeing, we went back to Gurney Plaza for dinner. There's alot of food choices in the plaza and finally we decided to get into this Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen. In reference to the name, you can roughly guess what is sold in there. It's Ramen~~

The front view of the restaurant
The menu
Interior of the shop. Nice bamboo layout.
Cha Shao Mee. Looks very YUMMY. =p~ May try this on my next visit.
Pork Ribs Curry Mee. Uncle said it was nice.
Bak Kut Teh Ramen. Ttasted like herbal soup actually. I like herbs, so it was good for me. 

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