Saturday, 29 September 2012

Maxim Dim Sum @ Pekaka Square

If you ask any Penangites, they will definitely recommend Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant. I was there last weekend for breakfast. The restaurant already occupied three shop lots, but that is not enough. They even set up tables and chairs outside and some customers eventually had to grab a seat at U-Soya. There's a reason for having such a huge crowd. First of all, they have lots and lots of dim sum choices for you to pick from. Secondly, the food served are of course up to standard to attract so many food critics. Some people even say that you can get the best dim sum here. A dim sum breakfast is always accompanied with chinese tea. So, help yourself!!
Steamed Dim Sums
Pau. I was told by my friend that the pau here is nice. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I'm a pau lover, I did not try this as my stomach capacity would not be able to fit in the other dim sums.
Fried stuffs
Egg Tarts
Our first round of dim sum

Fried Yam with Meat Filling. YUM YUM~~
Fish Balls with Almond Flakes. LOVE it!
Har Gao
Custard Bun. Never miss this when I have dim sum.
Something I must show also when I take this.. Haha.. The custard filling is a very important factor to its deliciousness. I think it wasn't that nice as it was cold already.
Porridge. I did not have this as it would be very filling.

Chee Cheong Fun. Nice!!
Fish Balls. Just normal la..
Pork Rib.
Char Koay Kak (Fried Rice Cake or rather known as Char Kueh in Kuching). This was good too!
Pandan Egg Tart. Nothing Special. The skin was a little bit too thick.
Garlic Mussels!! Slurpss~~ Didn't know that mussels are part of dim sums as well??

Fish Balls wrapped in Brinjals. I don't like to eat brinjal, but I must say this was NICE!
I have no idea what this is called. It's crystal dumpling skin wrapped with some vege, nuts and prawn. 
Another fish ball thingy.. Nothing special as well.
Siew Mai.. This was good~~~ 

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