Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fats Burnt or Consumed??

Woke up very early in the morning and stuck in traffic jam to get to Reservoir Park for jogging.
Photo of me jogging.. :P
There was a collapsed tree that blocked the jogging path. Must be due to the heavy rainstorm on Monday.

Check out the heavy rain on Monday. Floods caused just by an hour of rain. 
Poor car stuck in the flood
People were unlucky to get stuck in traffic jams and road block caused by the flood, but I was so lucky that I happened to bump into the ERA FM crew giving out Tropicana Twister drinks. 

Back to my jogging. I was there for an hour, but did not do much jogging. Instead, I was strolling around. Then, we were off for briyani ayam and roti canai for breakfast. =p~

At night, we visited another new cafe at Brighton Square, known as Playground. It is situated just below U-Garden Crystal Grill & Steamboat. For your information, it's another Groupon offer.
This was the deal and I bought the deal for 2 pax. 
We had the option to choose lamb chop, chicken chop or fish & chips. We ordered for chicken chop and fish & chips as I was told that the lamb chop is served in a very small portion (which was not true when I saw orders from other tables).
Soft lighting for a romantic ambience
Orange Juice
Chicken Chop
Fish & Chips
The food portions were just normal. As for the taste, the chicken chop was just ok, but the chicken was not that fresh. As for the deep-fried fish, I think that it was ok, but it does not taste like those Fish & Chips served in other restaurants in which the skin is very crispy. Instead, the skin was more chewy. If you ask me, I would not revisit this place.

As the dinner was not very satisfying, we headed to McDonald to try out the new McFlurry.   it.. But a little bit too sweet for me cos of the chocolate syrup added. GOSH~~ I sound so choosy about food.
McDonald's Kellogg's Corn Flakes Chocolate McFlurry

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