Friday, 14 September 2012

GC lab

So, what is GC? GC is gas chromatography, a technique used to separate a mixture separated into its respective components. Too technical?? Haha.. :P Anyway, our training for the first 2 days were on GC. We also had lab session in which we had some hands-on experience on the machine. 
This was where the high-tech instruments were placed.
Our Lab Building
That's about it for my training. Now, moving on to my foodie section. We had pizza for lunch at Pizza Hut. Ms Christy treated us the meal. Money saved. $$$ :D
Complimentary bread stick as what was in the set meal
Complimentary mushroom soup

Hawaiian Chicken (chosen by Wen Yin)
Tuna Sensation (chosen by Nabil)
Masala Supreme (I chose this)
I had a feeling that the pizzas served in Pizza Hut here were better than the ones in Kuching. :-/
This evening, I did not trouble Wan Ting to send me home. I moved into an aunty's place at Island Glades, which is quite near to my training center. Feeling so uneasy to trouble people all the times. :( Aunty was being very nice to me. She took me all the way to Gurney to fetch my stuff and also brought me for dinner at Karen's Kitchen that evening. This restaurant serves fusion cuisine. You can get western food or even hawker food.

Yee Mee (RM6.90). It was nice. The mee was very Q~~
Baked Shepherd Pie (RM15.90). Had to wait 20 mins for this.
Stuffed with chicken and potatoes, and baked with cheese on top. Tasted ok only.

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