Thursday, 6 September 2012

Authentic Filipino cuisine @ Pinoy Fiesta Ihaw-Ihaw Grill & Restaurant

I think Pinoy Fiesta Ihaw-Ihaw Grill & Restaurant is the first in Kuching to serve authentic Filipino cuisine. The shop is located at Jalan Padungan, within walking distance from several hotels in town like Hilton, Pullmana and Grand Margherita. FYI, it is closed on Monday.

The restaurant is nicely decorated, with some Filipino drawings on the wall. It is well ventilated and we don't even feel stuffy during a hot night. If you noticed, it is recommended in a local newspaper which is displayed in the shop.
Interior design of the restaurant
We were entertained by the friendly and helpful shop owner. They offer a wide variety of Filipino cuisine like Sisig (sizzling minced pork), tap silog (marinated beef served with fried egg and garlic rice), liempo silog (deep-fried 3 layer pork with fried egg and garlic rice), Crispy pata (deep-fried pork knuckle), pork burger, desserts and so on. The foods are sold at a very reasonable price and most importantly, they tasted GOOD!
Our orderings:
Fresh Lime + Plum (RM2.00)
Crispy Pata (RM36.00). Must try!! :-bd The skin is very crispy.
Pineapple chicken (RM15.00). Comes in a small claypot but you will be surprised by the portion. It is creamy, milky and sweet. Pineapple lovers will definitely like this dish.
Another creamy dish. Pumpkin Special (RM20.00). Lots of pumpkins, long beans, prawns and squids cooked in coconut milk. Highly recommended dish as well!
Fish Sinagang (RM15.00). It's Assam Fish actually. Very appetizing. 
It is advisable to come in group as the portions are relatively quite big and you can get to try out different foods. As you can see, the dishes are fairly priced but you will be charged 10% service tax for the warm and pleasant service by the service crew or the shop owner himself.

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