Saturday, 29 September 2012

Dinner @ Restaurant Thai Baiyok, The Heritage Club

They say that the Thai cuisine in Penang is quite authentic. Thailand is just a few hours drive from Penang. And of course, there are really a lot of Thai restaurants or stalls in Penang. Unlike in Kuching, you can count the number of Thai restaurants (Bangkok Thai, Mango Tree & ....... is there anymore??) 

The Heritage Club not only houses "Absolute Fitness", which is a gym center, there's also a Thai restaurant called Thai Baiyok. This is one of Aunty's family's favorite dining place for Thai food. I must say the food was really DELICIOUS!!

Khai Jeow Cha Om 

Pandan Chicken

Goong Khai Daeng (Deep fried bread with salted egg and prawn). Tasted really good!!

Tom Yam Fish. This was awesome. It's sour and spicy!

Mango salad. The sweet mango is topped with some ikan bilis, cashew nuts, peanuts. The taste just blended so well. 

Finally, the meal ended with a bowl of Thai dessert, Thap Thim Krop. It might look simple, but you would be amazed by the ingredients. There were fresh coconuts, water chestnuts, sago and jackfruit. The dessert was served cold with fresh santan. =p~

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