Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hawker Food @ 3rd Mile Night Market

Selling raw and fresh food ingredients in the morning, the 3rd Mile market is a popular dining place for nice hawker foods at night. Food ranges from apam balik, satay, kolo mee, kueh chap, fried kueh tiao, beef noodles and also shaved ice desserts. Famous ones are the kueh chap, kolo mee, Ah Mui's Gu Bak Mee (Beef noodles that is very popular in the Open Air Market downtown) and Goh Bee Teng (五味汤).
My mum had the Kiaw (Dumplings). There was a lot and it only costs RM3.00. They also have nice Kolo Mee. My dad and I had Kueh Chap. He had the bigger bowl with egg at RM5.00, whereas I ordered for the normal one at RM4.00. The Kueh Chap sold here is one of the best in Kuching, but it all depends on individual taste. There are two stalls selling Kueh Chap in the market. We ordered from the one on the right side when you walked up the stairs. 

Pork Dumplings.
Kueh Chap. Cheap and Yummy!!

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Anonymous said...

if you want eat good kueh chap
i'd say go green road behind "ba jiao ting" there at night time

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