Saturday, 22 September 2012

Super Tanker Food Centre @ Taman Lip Sin

Located in the center of housing estates, Super Tanker Food Centre provides convenient and easy access to local hawker foods for local residents. Well, actually any food centres or food court in Penang have a variety of local foods for customers to choose from. Just that if you want to look for famous ones, there are specific places you have to head to. 
The outlook of Super Tanker Food Centre
Any food centres will be crowded during dinner time, especially in the weekends.
In Super Tanker, there is this very famous stall selling Apam Balik (or known as Apom Balik in Penang), called AKI PANCAKE. Any Penangites will definitely know about this stall. They serve pancakes with different types of ingredients such as peanut, butter, almond flakes, chocolate, brown sugar, pork floss, tuna, ham, coconut, raisin, banana, egg and so on. Out of these fillings, you can pack your pancake with different stuffing combinations offered.
AKI PANCAKE. They posted their contact number as well. You can make bookings first and stay out from the long queue.
Skillful Tauke preparing Pancakes
I'm not exaggerating about the good business they have. See for yourself.
This were what we ordered. The top one was stuffed with coconut and peanut. The one below was stuffed with chocolate and almond flakes.
Chocolate Almond Pancake (RM3.10)
Coconut Peanut Pancake (RM2.10)
Love the pancakes!! So crispy and they are so generous in their fillings. No wonder they were so famous. :D

Fried Yam (Even me who don't really like eating yam also thinks that it's nice, but I can't take too much. Those who like to eat yam will definitely like it. :) )
Penang O Jian / Oyster Pancake (RM5.00). Different from Kuching's O Jian. The egg was not the deep-fried type, but rather tasted like egg omelette.
Sticky sticky. A lot of potato starch added.
Although there was lots of oysters which I favor, but I still prefer Kuching's crispy deep-fried oyster omelette. Maybe I still haven't tried the best in Penang yet. I was also told that the roasted duck rice here is nice. Gonna try that soon~~ 

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