Monday, 3 September 2012

Breakfast @ Ming Hong Kee

Ming Hong Kee is an old shop in Padungan. We love to have porridge as breakfast there. The porridge business had been set up for decades and pass on from generations to generations. The porridge is cooked using the traditional way, that is with charcoal. The roasted duck and pork there were very famous as well. I love the lap cheong (Chinese Pork Sausage) there, but it feels weird to have that early in the morning. 
Pork porridge that we always have. Served along with Yew Tiao.
We were advised to wait at least 25 minutes for the porridge and so we ordered something else. My parents had Laksa and I had Pork Liver Soup from the Foochow Stall.

Breakfast for the day

Pork Liver Soup (RM4.00). The liver was well cooked. Overcooked liver would be too hard. Cooked in small amount of wine improves the taste of the soup.
Laksa (RM5.00). My parents said it was nice. A little bit spicy.

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