Monday, 17 September 2012

Busy Saturday

I managed to follow aunty to Jelutong's open wet market. Unlike Kuching, Penang's morning market is set up along the street. You can get many of your basic needs here. The products range from food, dry or wet ingredients, household equipment, clothes, vegetables, fruits etc. 

Food stalls:

This stall was crowded

Made on the spot
This stall is odd. The signboard stated that they sell desserts, but then they were actually selling fast food (see pic below).

Cheap cheap stir-fried vermicelli for take away

Pastries and Kuehs:


Deep-frying Process
Penang Ban Chang Kuih (曼煎糕) or Penang Pancake. It looks like Apam Balik to me, but they have more toppings like brown sugar, eggs and corns.
Vegetarian Kuehs

Different types of pastries available!!
Chocolate and Cheese Bun (I bought this for RM3.00, tasted quite good :) )

Mozzarella Cheese and Chocolate Bun
Nice-looking Muffins
Vegetarian Pau
Nonya Kuehs
Raw Food Products:

Ingredients for steamboat
Lots of Frogs
Slaughtered Frogs
DURIANS!!! I bought 1 packet. 
Tada~~~ :D
Mum, you can sell this in Kuching also. 
Fresh Coconut Drinks is available if you want

Abundance of fruits


Made from Tapioca. I think it would taste like Tapioca Pearls.


That's basically about the market. We also had breakfast there. I ordered Fish Porridge.. It was nice. 
Fish Porridge (RM3.00)
As for lunch, we went to Roti Bakar @ Ivory Plaza. 

Interior of the shop:

Spotted the whole row of breads on top??
They were on newspaper before
Free newspapers available too!
Aunty highly recommended the normal kaya roti bakar, but I ordered the Yin Yang Thick Roti Bakar as I think that the name is really unique and it looked tempting from the menu. However, it's kind of disappointing. Not that it tasted bad, but I was expecting more than this. It's actually just butter on one side and kaya on the other half.
Yin Yang Thick Roti Bakar (RM3.90)

Dried Kueh Tiao (RM6.90)
Complimentary Fish Ball Soup that comes along with the Kueh Tiao
I spent my afternoon at home, learning some baking skills from aunty. Didn't know that Aunty was good in making cakes. People even ordered from her. And, the baking was really FAST & EASY! 
Baking Process
End Product: Triple Layer Chocolate Cheese Cake
After that, I followed her for Badminton and collected Chicken Pies which she's going to bring for potluck dinner at the dancing school. 
Chicken Pies (RM1.20). Cheap & Yummy!
I was invited for the potluck as well. There really lots of food. The teacher prepared steamboat also which I did not have any. Too much food. This event was actually organized to celebrate Mooncake Festival in advance, but it was also the dancing teacher's birthday. (Sorry about the blurry images. I took them with my phone)

This cake was special. There were almonds toppings, fruits layered in between and a bottom layer of cookies.
First Round. The fried chicken was
really nice. It had a bit of belacan taste.
Second Round

We had some games that night. A big circle was formed from the crowd. Two balls were passed around when the music was on. Once the music was stopped, the two persons holding the balls had to shout the names of one another. The one who was slower would be punished. It's a game which allowed you to get to know the members in the dancing studio. 

This was their punishment.. =))

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