Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Penang Food Hunt #8 @ Kimberley Street

What is Penang famous for? HAWKER FOOD!! There are a number of popular streets in GeorgeTown area selling various famous local hawker dishes. My first street-to-visit was Kimberley Street to try the very famous Duck Meat Kway Chap (鸭肉粿汁). They sell Duck Porridge too, but I went for the Kway Chap.
Duck Meat Kway Chap (鸭肉粿汁) (RM6.00). Although kinda pricey, there were lots of duck meat and pork ingredients. The taste was quite similar to Kuching's Kueh Chap. Just that we do not get duck meat in Kuching.
Apart from this, we also tried other local delicacies.
Fried Belacan Chicken. Not as fragrant as the one I had before. We were unfortunate that the deep fried salted fish toufu had finished. Must be good~
Slicing the chicken for us.
Dessert Stall

A mix of a couple of things (RM2.60). Forgotten the name.
Char Kway Teow (RM3.20 if not mistaken). Ordered this from a stall located in front of a coffee shop. Considered kinda expensive in Penang as there were no other ingredients. But out of our surprise, it tasted good! The egg was a little bit gooey and the dish was very fragrant.

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