Monday, 4 March 2013

Penang's Biggest Burger

Here I am at Kompleks Lebuh Nipah, Sungai Nibong
to try out the BIGGEST burger in town! 

Claimed to be biggest in Malaysia too!
And good news to Malay friends, it's halal. :)

They don't just sell GIANT burgers, but also ordinary size burgers and hot dogs.

Since we were there, how can we miss the opportunity to try this 11-inches big burger! 
11-inch Giant Burger (RM30.00). A birthday burger maybe?? 
See the difference
Sliced into 8 portions. Good for 4 gals I think.
Minced beef and chicken meats, scrambled eggs, onions, sausages, some veges and tomato sauce. I initially thought that it's normal meat patty like what we had usually in burgers. Prefer it that way thou'. 

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