Thursday, 14 March 2013

A New Recreation in Town!

Looking for something different to do in Kuching? 

Tada~~ 4-Wheel-Bicycle! This is definitely something new and only a shop in town (Carpenter Street) offers such facility. As this is a new business, they currently have 3 bikes - one big and two smaller ones. The big bike requires 4 person to paddle, whereas the smaller bike only requires 2.  If you are looking for the shop, just go to Carpenter Street. It's just opposite Life Cafe. According to the lady owner, the bikes were imported from Austria and they will be having more bikes to come in 2 months time. By then, we can go in a bigger gang! Yeah! 
4-Wheel Bicycle for 4 (RM25/hr)
 4-Wheel Bicycle for 2 (RM20/hr)

Only got these photos as I could not take any pictures while cycling. Too busy for that~ :D
This might be fun, but tiring as well. Exercising! We even went uphill. Thigh muscles greatly toned after this. Hehe..

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