Friday, 1 March 2013

Delicious Food @ Delicious, Straits Quay

Been missing out lots of posts since November. Getting back to blog on my Penang food trail after all the posts on CNY 2013. 
Well~ This was my first attempt in Delicious which was located at Straits Quay. Never been this far for fine dining in Penang. Realized that there were really lots of restaurants in Straits Quay. We were there quite late. So hungry! :P
Took some time to choose from all those mouth-watering dishes.
Melting Pot (RM8.90). Marshmallows served on the rich and delicious hot chocolate that would melt in the mouth. 
Aglio Olio Spaghettini (RM15.90)Seafood (RM9.90) was added. Yum yum! Aglio olio could hardly go wrong.
Braised Lamb Shank (RM41.90). Well-cooked lamb shank in rosemary sauce with lots of roasted vegetables. Everyone was in ❤ with this dish. 
Smoked Salmon Sandwich (RM27.90). Sour cream was added for taste and being as a healthier dish, multigrain toast was used. =p~
Chilli Con Carne Cheese Fries (RM16.90). Recommended sides to have! Deep-fried crispy fries smothered with Bolo Beef Sauce & Melted Cheese.

How can a dinner ends without dessert?! :D
Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream (RM14.90)
I guessed this pic explains everything. =p~
Banoffee Pie (RM12.90). May look simple, but tasted quite good. Eggy kind of taste to me. Kinda deceived by the look. It's actually empty inside.
Forgotten what was this. Hehe~
Red Velvet Cake (RM12.90). Sweet mini macaronis were placed on the cream cheese topping. The cake was just right as it wasn't too sweet and the cream cheese add a little salty flavor to it. : - bd
As the name of the restaurant, they served DELICIOUS food!
Lovely box for take away desserts. :)
I managed to get a few snapshots of the interior.
Lights in bird cages. The usual decorations in all Delicious Franchise Outlet. 

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