Sunday, 3 March 2013

Groupon Offer @ US Pizza, Greenlane

Bought this Groupon voucher for RM19 which I could get a large 13" hand-tossed crust pizza and 4 pieces of garlic twist breads. I went with my friends as the offer was meant for 4 persons. Cheap, isn't it? There were 2 US Pizza outlets in Penang. We went to the one at Island Glades, Greenlane as it was nearer to our training center. 
New York feel??
2 Indian kids enjoying their pizza. Say cheese~~ :) I was actually trying to snap a photo of the counter and the boy happened to look my way.
Garlic Twist Breads
Forgotten what we chose. Wonder was it Italian Way without beef pepperoni cos Wen Yin doesn't take beef. There were chicken pepperoni, chicken ham, onions, mushrooms, green peppers topped on the cheesy crust. Quite nice I would say.

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