Sunday, 10 March 2013

Clowns Fun :O)

The World Clown Association organized Humanitarian Day to give Sarawakians joy and laughter.
International clowns from all around the world were gathered at Boulevard Kuching on 28 February 2013.
A couple of clowns were spotted, teasing people,
having fun with the kids and photoshooting at all times. 

Always ready to pose
Sleepy eyes~~ Match perfect with the mousy-looking clown. Hehe..
Hi! This is Mitzi!
Entertaining the kids

Nice one! Too bad it wasn't me who was in the pic. :( 
Monkey friend
Some on-stage funny performances
The event lasted for an hour only. They went to Merdeka Plaza the next day in which the event was longer and there were much more clowns!!! =((

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