Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Penang Food Hunt #6 @ Toh Soon Cafe, Campbell Street

Located in a small alley at Campbell Street, Toh Soon Cafe is a famous spot for charcoal-baked toasts, half-boiled eggs and Hainanese coffee. We eventually passed by the alley where it is supposed to be and did not know it was there until we asked a security officer. Thanks to the uncle, we got our way to this one of local Penangites' favorite place for breakfast.

We were there quite late, so the crowd wasn't really heavy. Both of us ordered a set of toast with kaya and butter, half-boiled egg and coffee. While waiting to be served, I took some pictures of the surroundings.
Loaves of breads. They have different types of breads sold like wholemeal, charcoal and so on.
The alley where the cafe is located. 
The busy Tauke preparing drinks
The reason why they are famous. They still use the traditional way to toast bread over charcoal fire. And as you can see, they actually boil their water on top. 
 OK~ Our food is here!

Around RM 5.00 per set.
Hainanese Coffee. Both tasted great. The hot one would have a stronger aroma and richer taste. 
Half-boiled egg in a Cup. Yummy even without any seasonings! We find that many people just dipped their toasts with the egg, but we did not try that. 
Toast with Kaya and Butter. Emm~ Turns out to be not up to my expectation.
Steam bread with kaya and butter. Ordered this as we saw many ordering. This was nice and special. I think this deserves compliments instead of charcoal toasts.

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