Friday, 8 March 2013

Lock Ann Dessert

Lock Ann is one of the oldest dessert selling stores in Kuching besides from Swee Kang, Taman Jubilee desserts food courts and the drinks stalls in Hui Sing Hawker Centre. In my opinion, only Swee Kang's ABC and Special is competitable with Lok Ann. The rest have their own specialties, but not their ABCs and Specials. There are a couple of Lock Ann outlets, all run by the family members. The oldest stall is located at Open Air Market and there's one at Satok and also at Matang. Open Air Market is in town, nearest to Merdeka Plaza, so we head there for desserts!

ABC in milk. Some people go for Coconut Milk.
ABC means Ice Kacang Campur. Besides from red beans and chendul, there are grass jelly, agar-agar, jagung and sago. Yummy!
Special. Special is a shaved ice dessert with mixed fruits of watermelon, pineapple, and honeydew if they have it, nata de coco and agar-agar. Special is not available in milk.

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