Monday, 10 December 2012

Long awaited SUPPER! :D

Why do I say it's long awaited? It's not because I waited long to be served, but I had been longing to try this! I tried the famous Snowflake in KL and Blackball is a similar concept store that sells these Taiwanese desserts. They have a couple of signature desserts to choose from, but you can also opt to choose your own base and toppings. The dessert bases range from grass jelly, soya, winter melon and sweet corn, whereas for the toppings, you can have pearls, Nata de coco, green bean, red bean, taro balls, sweet potato, lotus seed, barley and many more. Apart from these, they also have drinks like pearl milk tea, smoothies, different milk teas, winter melon drinks etc.

After placing your order, you will be given a "UFO" device which will alarm you when your desserts are ready.
These were what we had. :D
BlackBall Combo Dessert (RM6.90). The combo dessert comes with grass jelly, sweet potato balls, yam balls, pearls and the combo you select. I went for Combo F in which barley and lotus seeds were served. I had ice soya as my dessert base. DELICIOUS!! You can have additional toppings added with extra charges.
BlackBall Signature (RM6.90), comprising of grass jelly, yam balls, sweet potato balls, Taro Q, pearls and red beans. The grass jelly was so chewy and all the other toppings compliment well with it. 
Another Blackball Combo Dessert with Combo A and soya ice base. Combo A comes with sweetened taro and red beans.  I do not know how to describe, but the sweetened taro was really GOOD! Try out yourself!
There's no Blackball yet in Kuching, but there's a newly opened dessert store called ZenQ which serves similar desserts. Gonna try that during my next visit back home~

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