Friday, 1 November 2013

Thailand Trip Day 4

We started our 4th day with a visit to another zoo which we got to take elephant ride (500 Baht per elephant).

Shots taken with the elephant we rode! Cheese~~ :D

Done with the ride, we were taken to a souvenir shop selling Thai snacks which was on the way back from Pattaya to Bangkok.
Back to Bangkok, we made a visit to Safari World.
YeeHa!! :P
First performance we enjoyed : Cowboy Stunt!
Buffet Lunch before proceeding to the next show.
Dolphin Show! I love them!
Bigger dolphins. They were really well-trained!
Some animal shots I took along our path to another show.
Oopps~~ We brought another Orang Utan here from Kuching. XP
After the James Bond 007 show, in our own car, we drove around the Safari Zoo. I thought we would be taken on their Safari truck like we always see in TV. X.X
Heading back to Bangkok, we had an early hotel dinner. We took some time walking out the crowded street which we saw lots of hawkers.
Grilled Potatoes, Bananas and Yams (10 Baht per skewer). Not my liking. 
Something like Apam Balik (2 Baht each). So nice! Love the thin crispy texture with sweet custard inside. So good!! 
Done with dinner, we asked our tour guide to drop us at Siam Square for shopping! Shopped the whole night and we headed to our hotel in Bangkok, Citin Pratunam with Tuk-Tuk. It was very close to Baiyoke Boutique which we stayed on our first night.

Supper time!! There's a coffee shop outside of our hotel selling Kolo Mee.
Looks quite good, but I'm not going to waste my calories on Kuching food. :P
Yum Yum! We had the beef and also the chicken skewers (10 Baht each), pork chop skewer (10 Baht), Green Papaya Salad - so spicy! but tastes really good ( 45 Baht), and the big steamed purple groundnuts (20 Baht). 

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