Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thailand Trip Day 3

 Waking up in Pattaya on our 3rd day, getting ready to visit Coral Island for water sports! 
View of Pattaya City from our room.
Simple Hotel Breakfast as I wasn't feeling well.
Pattaya Beach - It's also where we were going to take our ride to Coral Island.

We were going to head to one of these boats to do parasailing!
Getting on-board people!
Here we are!!
Aren't my slippers cute? LOL! Bought this at the zoo yesterday as I couldn't afford to wet my Birken Stock in the rain. >.<
 We took another ~30mins ride from the boat to Coral Island. It was fast and bumpy cos of the waves. And the weak "me" felt irritated, experienced nausea. ZZZ~~ Lost my chance to go underwater. :'( I rested quite some time before walking around the touristy island. Beautiful place I would say.
Bright sun~~ Couldn't open my eyes.

Lots of beach apparels~
Nice hat. Too bad I already got one.
People enjoying their water activities... How I wish I can too~ :(
Beautiful coral concept restaurant
You can find lots of fresh seafood here, but kinda expensive.

Food stuffs for sale!

After Michael was done with his "Undrewater World" exploration, we rode the speed boat back to Pattaya. This time, I felt better. No more dizziness! Headed back to our hotel which was around 5 mins ride only to get ourselves cleaned and changed.

We were brought for lunch and leaving us some free time in the afternoon which gave us time to shop at Pattaya Outlet Mall. That was where I had my 1st ice cream in Thailand and it tasted awesome!! It was San Francisco Gelato Ice Cream (50 Baht), making me craving for it from time to time.

We had quite an early dinner as we were having "Ah Gua" Dance Performance in the evening.
Dinner just next to the dance show. 
Paying to get shots with the really-lady-looking guys! (20 Baht)
All the dances we enjoyed watching. They were performing in different cultures - Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese etc. 
After the show, there were still chances to take pictures with these Ah Guas again.
Calling for customers. >.< Unable to tell their genders from their looks!
Michael really enjoyed having time with these pretty Ah Guas. ZZZ~~ I also had one shot who I think was the prettiest.
Headed back to the hotel, we went down to the street to have supper again.
The 2 cuzs.. Don look alike.. LOL!
Enjoying Gelato (50 Baht) again!! HAHA!

Mango Sticky Rice (50 Baht) from another stall next to the one we had the night before. Nice!

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