Saturday, 16 November 2013

First time @ Wakakaka Cafe

At first when Wakakaka Cafe was opened for business, my friends tried and bad comments came from them. Tasted not really good and portion was small with the price they charged. So, we never try out this place until recently, good comments and compliments came abt the place. A very good job to the Wakakaka's management team as they are willing to take up comments and make changes to serve people better. 
Foods we tried out that night:
Dory 'n' Chippy (RM14.80). Deep fried golden dory fish to go with tartar sauce and comes with chips. I did not have this, so unable to give any comments.
Mushroom Soup (RM5.80). Looks good, but not my dish too. Hehe~
Steak Alexandra (RM26.80). Grilled steak covered in mushroom sauce and topped with egg. Wanted to order the recommended Yin Yang Chicken Chop, but too bad they ran out of chicken chop, so we had this. Requested for medium rare, but came out to be too "well done". 
Potato Madness! (RM8.80). Lovely dish as an appetizer as I just love potatoes! 
Lemon Chicken Roll (RM20.80). This was also one of Wakakaka's hot item. Appears to be a side dish in their menu, but it looks like a main dish to me. Very nice! The ham wrapped grilled chicken leg was flooded with their sweet marinade sauce with pinch of sourish lemon taste. MUST-TRY!
Spaghetti Alio-Olio (RM16.80). Tasted different from usual Aglio-Olio, but quite ok to me. 
Snowy Poo Poo (RM6.00). Their homemade Vanilla Ice Cream! Great! Tasted just like Sunny Hill's Ice Cream. We were actually too full and wanted to cancel this, but the friendly tauke was so kind that he gave us this for free. No regrets for trying!

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