Sunday, 10 November 2013

Dining @ Chef at Home (Opposite Saberkas)

Chef at Home used to be located at Hui Sing, just opposite Petronas where there were really limited parking spaces and you would see lots of cars parking by the roadside at night. Not knowing what reason, they have now relocated to the shop lot opposite Saberkas. The place is located behind the shops, so you would have to make turns around the shops to search for it. 

Just like the past, the place is crowded, but they have quite a number of tables available. Nicely decorated place with good ambiance.
You can get to see the chefs cooking in the kitchen.
Desserts to end your dinner maybe??
Rump Beef Steak (RM22). Quite alright.
Mushroom Soup in Bun (RM12). This is always one of their famous dishes. To me, the soup was not rich enough. Just special cos it's served in bun. 
Chef's Mixed Grill (RM28) of chicken chop, lamb, fish and sausage with some sides. Emm~ To me, it tasted just ok, like any mixed grill you find elsewhere. Can try if you wanna taste different meats in a dish. Have to share unless you're a BIG eater.
Not very impressed. Will give it another try next time cos it's highly recommended by many. Maybe I just ordered the wrong stuff?

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