Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cheap and Tasty Food @ Bako Seafood Restaurant

Bako Seafood Restaurant is a hidden treasure where not many locals know about the place. If you're heading to Bako National Park, you must set foot into this place. They operate from morning till late afternoon, so we normally head there for lunch. The restaurant is quite close to the Bako National Park Ticketing Booth, so you may ask around if you couldn't search for it. So what's recommended here?
Sliced Fish Beehoon. This is one of their signature dish. Must order!! It's so rich in milk, added with fresh tomatoes and salted vegetables which gives it a slight sourish taste. The fish meat is fried beforehand, giving the dish an extra fragrance.
Steamed Prawns. The prawns were really fresh and steamed with white wine. The gluey egg white makes the dish not that dull.
Deep-fried Squid. I never been a fan of deep-fried squid as the squid would be very chewy and the skin is normally quite hard. But this dish here really made me "fall-in-love" with deep-fried squids! The batter that they prepared to coat the squid was so fluffy and soft when deep-fried, which did not overcooked after that, instead maintaining the freshness and soft-biting texture of the squids. So good!!

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