Monday, 4 November 2013

Thailand Trip Day 5

Shopping Day! We escaped from our tour to have a whole day of shopping spree! :P Headed early to the Fashion Gallery again to shop for cheap wholesale clothes. At the meantime, we also hunted down some hawker snacks for breakfast. 
Deep-frying process on the go~
Deep-fried pork chop (10 Baht each)
Deep-fried pork belly (10 Baht each)
Came across some dim sums too! Siew Mai (1 skewer of 3 for only 10 Baht). Delicious and cheap!
Freshly made Kopi Peng. Loving it!
After the morning walk for food and clothes, we headed back to our hotel to get some rest before we went down to Siam Square for branded and local designer clothes. 

MOS Burgers for lunch! Yeah!
Cheese Burger. Slurpps~~ The bun was so soft with a slightly crispy crust. The patty was not just ordinary patty, but fragrantly black-pepper marinated beef meat was used!
Pork Cutlet Burger. Yummy!! No way we can get pork burgers in Malaysia's Fast Food Restaurants. Real pork meat was deep-fried and flavored with their juicy and tasty sauce!

We came across Krispy Kreme which sells very tempting-looking donuts and so we grabbed a few of them.
We got ourselves the Original Glazed (27 Baht each), White Chocolate with Cheese and Creme Brule (35 Baht each). All tasted heavenly! Best doughnuts ever!!
Inside Siam Paragon
Colorful Tuk-tuk
Share with you the jammed scene in Bangkok City~
Look who was I with...
We also visited Mr. Jones Orphanage at Siam Center. Lots and lots of delightful cakes!

McParfait (29 Baht). So cheap! I got to choose 3 toppings for my Sundae from McDonald.
For dinner, we went back for MOS Burger again! LOL!
MOS Pork Burger!
A long day of shopping and we were too tired to walk back to our hotel with bags of clothes. So we got a ride back with Tuk-Tuk. Left our stuffs in the room and off we went for supper! Kept trying out new hawker delights in Bangkok.
Yum yum yum~~ Each skewer for 10 Baht only!
Grilled Sotong! Lovely!
Banana Cheese Roti Canai with Chocolate Sauce. The hawker stall operator happened to speak to us in Malay. LOL! Shocked~
Mango Salad (45 Baht). I asked for reduced spicy level. Hehe~ 

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