Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Chin Chan Lee 陈泉李 Meatballs Noodles

Before our hike to Mount Singai, we dropped by at Batu Kawa Bazaar for the delicious Meatballs Noodles. There are quite a number of cafes selling homemade meatballs. The most famous one is located just at the roundabout entering Batu Kawa Bazaar. We wanted to try that, but it was fully packed, couldn't even get a seat. Thus, we went to the usual coffee shop we always visit, which also serves good Meatballs Noodles. The coffee shop is located at the far end of the bazaar, second last shop on your right when you drive in.  
Waiting for my breakfast!
Kueh Teow Soup with Meat Balls and Meat Slices. Served hot! Great! I personally love their homemade meat slices. Great texture with great taste. As for the meatballs, I'm not that keen as I would like it if it's as savory as the pork slices.
Dry Kolo Mee and Kuey Teow
Mixed Soup of Dry Tou Fu, Char Sio, Meat Balls, Meat Slices and Fish Cakes. Goes best with Mee and Kuey Teow Kosong.
Whole bowl of Meat Balls Soup!
Tang Hoon Soup with mixed ingredients of Meat Balls and Dry Tofu with Meat Embedded.
A bowl of Meat Balls and Meat Slices Soup!
A good breakfast is important to kick start the day! Now, we have enough power to conquer Mount Singai! :D

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