Saturday, 23 November 2013

Kuching's Version of Sabah's Sang Nyuk Mian 生肉面

I read online that Sang Nyuk Mian is one of Sabah's Must-Eat-Food. In Kuching, there's also a place selling this. Currently located at The Best Corner 一品香, 101 Food Court, they used to operate at Pending area. Being as the only stall there which opens from morning, this doesn't stop people from visiting the place for their noodles and mixed pork soup. 

Each set comes with a bowl of noodles and a bowl of mixed pork soup. We had the bigger portion set (RM7). Regular set costs RM6. =p~
Yummy yummy! Very thin slices of pork meat which makes it easy to chew and extra soft. Lot of other pork innards in it which were fresh. You could request for pork tendon which would be RM8 for the set.
The noodles in their black sauce. Very Q! Different from our usual Kolo Mee or Kampua.
My friends from Sabah said that our Kuching's version of the soup is very close to Sabah's, but the noodles served in Sabah tends to be oilier and blacker. In this case, the "weight-watching" me would like our Kuching's version. Hehe~

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