Saturday, 9 November 2013

Partying @ Sakae Sushi, The Spring

I love Japanese food!! Sakae Sushi has been one of my dad's favorite spot for regular Japanese cuisine for no reason. LOL! And I took the opportunity to order lots of great stuffs. Nom nom nom~~
Salmon Sashimi (RM10.90). Thick slices of fresh salmon! <3
Chuka Wakame. Yummy!
Hana Maki. Given in 3 pieces per set. We enjoyed the sushi rice wrapped in salmon and topped with mayonnaise and shrimp roe. 
Tuna Inari which we redeemed for RM1.00 using my membership card. :)
Sakae Party Set (RM36.90). There are 8 different sushis in this set - Futo maki, california hoso maki, prawn sushi, premium river eel sushi, half-broiled salmon sushi, inari tuna mayo and ebikko sushi.
Sakae Teishoku comprising of deep fried breaded chicken cutlets, salmon teriyaki, grilled scallop with codfish roe, chawanmushi and Japanese curry to go along with a bowl of rice. Definitely worth trying!
Satisfied with great food!! :D

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