Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Howdy's Groupon Offer

Being attracted to the Howdy Grillhouse's All-You-Can-Eat Pasta + Free Flow of Mushroom Soup, I bought the Groupon Deal for 2 at RM36 without further hesitation. Imagine buffet at RM18 per person. So cheap~ In our deal, we got to choose from Sausage and mushroom pasta (RM16.80 value)Enchiladas pasta (RM16.80 value), Alfredo pasta (RM15.80 value)Bolognese pasta (RM15.80 value) and Meatball pasta (RM14.80 value). We tried every single one of the pastas except the Bolognese pasta as George was never a fan of it. 

So, first came our mushroom soups (RM7.80 value) which we had a bowl each and OMG!! This was SOOOO GOOD!!! The soup was very rich and creamy, topped with fragrantly pan-seared bacon slices. We were really impressed with it and George said:"I guessed we have another must-order dish on our next visit to Howdy." LOL!
Creamy Mushroom Soup
The pastas were all very good as well especially the Sausage and Mushroom Pasta and Alfredo Pasta as we love creamy-based pastas! Both tasted similarly except that Alfredo was much richer in taste and fragrant due to the bacon added. Meatball Pasta was actually something like Bolognese Pasta as both are prepared in tomato-based sauce. Just that Howdy prepares their very own Special Pork Meatballs to replace minced beef in the Bolognese Pasta. Howdy really takes the effort to serve their customers great food as they eventually prepare the fresh and delicious tomato-based sauce. George who was not fond of the usual tomato-based sauce found their sauce acceptable and he just loved the Pork Meatballs!  Being kind of full after 3 pastas, I still wanted to order  the Enchiladas Pasta as we never try or even heard of it before. It was kind of special. Topped with ground beef, it was stirred in mildly spiced Enchiladas chili sauce. I find it quite alright, but I would not be having that again. Not because it's not good, but the rest beats it!
Sausage and mushroom pasta. Served with bratwurst sausages and button mushrooms in cream-based sauce.
Yummy! I'm hungry now!!
Meatball pasta. Special Howdy pork meatballs in tomato-based sauce.
Huge meatballs!!
Alfredo pasta. In creamy-based sauce, the fettucine was served with bacon and mushrooms.
So so rich and creamy!!
Enchiladas pasta. Pasta in mildly spicy green chili enchiladas sauce served with minced beef.

We had been to Howdy a couple of times for its great meaty cuisines, but we never try out the sides and pastas varieties. I must say this deal introduced us greater choices of delicious food in Howdy! Be back for more~~ =P~

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