Friday, 15 November 2013

Auntie's Corner Fresh Fruit Juice

Students from Pusat Bimbingan Karya, Kereta Api must be very familiar this place. This would be a regular makan spot for them before or after tuition (which I did so few years back :D). Auntie's Corner serves lots of local favorites, all quite up-to-standard. May not be the best, but edible. What's famous here would be the cheap, nice and fresh fruit juice! Lots of choices to select from. You can mix and match with different fruits and have it pure or with milk or even with yogurt.
Buah Kedondong Juice (RM3.50 if not mistaken).
Carrot Yogurt Juice (RM4.50 if not mistaken). I had this. Nice. Special. Very rich and slightly sour cos of the yogurt.
Singapore Fried Beehoon (~RM5.00). According to my dad, it had curry-like taste.
Salted Vege BeeHoon Soup (~RM6.00). Very big and fulfilling bowl. 
Fried Manicai BeeHoon (~RM4-5). Preferred this over the Singapore Style. :)

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