Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Ayam Penyet @ My Village Barok Bistro

I supposed many Kuchingites had heard about My Village Barok Bistro for Ayam Penyet with their specially made spicy sauce. Ok, for those who are still unaware abt it, it's located at Kampung Boyan or whoever who are more familiar where Dayang Salhah Kek Lapis is, it's right there. You can either drive all the way there, following the Kampung Gersik signboard, or the fastest route would be taking sampan from Waterfront which would cost RM0.50/way.
Sorry about the grainy image cos it's dark~

Upon entering, you'll get to see their "stove". :D
Stumbled upon this and I said: "I must order this!"
Ayam Penyet with rice (RM8-10, couldn't quite remember). And yes, it did not fail to disappoint me. So tasty! Best Ayam Penyet I had before! Although I did not try many. Hehe.. Prior to my visit, George told me I might be disappointed by the high recommendations by many. But, hey, it did not. He said they used to give 3 types of sauces separately, but now, they seemed to mix it up altogether and coated the juicy Ayam Penyet. Yummy!
Mussels (RM12 or RM15 if not mistaken). So cheap and most importantly, it's DELICIOUS!! Coated with their spicy homemade sauce, cheesy sauce was squeezed on top of the freshly grilled mussels!
I will come back for more!

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