Thursday, 28 February 2013

Famous Fook Hai (Hock Hai) Big Pau

Located at Padungan, Fook Hai (Hock Hai) is an old-time popular place for Big Pau and dim sum. The Big Pau served can be stuffed with chicken or pork meat. Unfortunately, the pork-filled big pau has finished when we got there. 
Big Pau (RM3.00). Not very big actually. I prefer the one at Sin Kwang, which is somewhere nearby. Much much bigger~ and also the filling tastes better although Sin Kwang only serves chicken-filled big paus. A standout of Fook Hai's Big Pau is the sweet fluffy skin, whereas the one at Sin Kwang is rather chewy. It all depends on which you like better.
Apart from having the Big Pau, they have a few types of dim sum like sio bee,  lo mai kai (glutinous rice chicken), siew mai and har kau. Despite the limited choices, they still have their breakfast crowds. 
Lo Mai Kai (糯米鸡) (RM2.80).
Steamed sticky glutinous rice stuffed with chicken chunks and mushroom.
Har Kau (RM2.40/plate).
Minced prawn instead of the whole prawn which we usually get elsewhere.

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