Tuesday, 30 October 2012

TomYam Fish Beehoon @ Sunshine Market Food Court

Finally got the chance to try the TomYam set Alvin is always craving for. Sunshine Square is so near to my living place, but I never try it before. At this TomYam stall, they have the TomYam broth served with either BeeHoon or Mee. Then, you can choose to have fish (RM4.50), pork (RM4.00) or prawns (RM7.00). I had BeeHoon with fish. Healthier I guessed. :D

TomYam Fish BeeHoon (RM4.50). It was a hugeeee portion. Very appetizing as it was sour and some spices were added which made it yummilicious! Worth-trying dish when you head to Sunshine Market Food Court.

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