Sunday, 21 October 2012

Four Seasons Tea Restaurant (Sunway Tunas Branch)

Wondering how did I come about to know this restaurant since I'm only here for a month? Food blog? Friends? 
Well.. I intended to buy the aunt's family a dinner whom offered me a place to "tumpang" before I got a room to rent, so they brought me to this place where it's near to my condo. When we arrived, I just let aunty to take the orders. 
Yu Chi Bean Curd. Sorry about the incompleteness of the dish. They were hungry and scooped a few pieces out of the plate alrready.
Oyster Mee. This shop is famous for this dish, but I did not find it that lip smacking as mentioned. Not to say that it was not nice, but it's not up to my expectation.
Fresh Mushroom Fried with Lotus Root. This was quite nice. The lotus roots were very crispy and the aroma of the mushrooms and vegetables infused into it. This was the first time I tasted crispy lotus roots.
Pork Ribs with 5 Flavours. I do not know why it's called 5 flavours. It's just sweet and a bit sour. However, the dish was quite good. Very appetizing.
Sweet Potato Leaf with Sambal. As usual, every vegetables tastes good when stir fried with sambal as long as the sambal is fresh and nice. Penang's sambal is more sweet as what I have in Kuching which is saltier.
Complimentary Groundnut Soup for Free.
All of the dishes served around the same time except for this which came last. Bamboo Clams. Quite nice, but I couldn't have much due to my infection on hand.
After our meal, I "rushed" to the cashier to pay the bills to make sure aunty would not pay for it instead. When I got up of my chair, aunty kept persuading me not to and her mother-in-law tried to hold me, but still, I managed to escape and successfully treat them this dinner to repay them for taking care of me all this while. Our dinner costed me a total of ~RM110 if not mistaken.

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