Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Farlim Night Market

After a tiring flight in the morning and work in the afternoon, my housemate, Crystal, invited me to a visit to the Farlim Night Market with her buddies. I learned from the net that this night market is the largest night market in Penang Island, which is really quite big, especially in their choices of food. Of course, it's not just about food, there are still stalls selling stuffs like electrical appliances, household products, clothes and so on. We left our place around 7+ pm. Took quite some time to reach there cos of the jam. I was told by Crystal that this night market is open every Wednesday night. There's another famous nigh market at Jelutong, which is open at every Friday night. By the time we reached, we quickly grab something to eat. I was so hungry. 
Penang Laksa (RM3.00). Finally got to try Chinese Penang Laksa. I was told by my friends that day that Malay's and Chinese's ones are different. However, to me, I think the tastes were quite similar. Just that this one had a stronger smell, slightly more sour and spicy, and also more ingredients. Not bad..  I would still prefer Sarawak Laksa. :D As Penang's one tasted more to Tom Yam or Assam, whereas Sarawak's one has its unique flavor. 
After our meal, we had a stroll around the market to burn out the calories. =P

Tempted to buy this. Cheap, right? 4 cakes or pastries for RM5.50 only! Plus some of them looked real good. I'm always attracted to baked stuff. Love to see and eat. Haha.. But then, I cancelled my thoughts as I would definitely unable to finish them and they are fattening. Hee~

Taiwan Jelly. Something I never try before.
There's also Mat Dou Yao stall here.
Imitation shark's fin soup for sell too.
Really huge Nangka!
Taiwan Sausage
Crowded Bubble Milk Tea stall.


Marc said...

I really like your blog and especially this post. Makes me want to go to Penang market, too :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks.. :)

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