Friday, 19 October 2012

Dinner @ Rock Road Seafood Restaurant

I just realized that I never blog about this famous seafood restaurant in Kuching. Rock Road Seafood Restaurant has been operating for decades. All Kuchingites are definitely aware of this restaurant. They serve nice Chinese cuisine, but quite expensive. Just before I left for Penang to work, I had my family dinner here. Awesome! =P~ The restaurant is always crowded with people especially during weekens and it's really difficult to find parking. Upon entering the restaurant, you can peep into the kitchen where you can order take-away food here. As you enter, you can see fresh food ingredients like seafood, vegetables and fruits. Then, there would be menus displayed on walls with the price tag on, so you could just place your orders here. After making up your mind with the choices, step forward to the first floor to be seated by the waiter.

These were some table display photos which I took when we waited for our meal to be served:

Hot Chinese Tea
Now, be prepared for the MOUTH-WATERING moments!! 
We were first served with the Satay Sauce Prawns which was also the highlight of our dinner. The savory satay sauce is best dipped with the complementary crispy buns. This is definitely a dish you must order when you come. You can have your crabs cooked in this manner as well.
Forgotten the name of the dish, but the chicken was well-cooked and yummy as well!
Seafood Tarts (Around Rm4 each I think). LOVE this too! I had 2 for myself that night.. :D Rich seafood ingredients baked with cheese. Awesome!
Last came the mixed vege with sea bass. Very delicious too!
I had a really satisfying dinner. I'll be back for more Satay Sauce Prawns/Crabs and Seafood Tarts! :D

Fresh prawns and lobsters
Just managed to capture the outlook of the restaurant when we left.

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