Friday, 12 October 2012

Back to KUCHING!!

It had been quite some time I had not been blogging. I was back to Kuching for my convocation and spent a couple of days there. I arrived quite early in the morning and the first thing I had was Teh C Peng Special and popiah from Sin Chong Choon cafe, which was just on the way back from airport. Did not snap any photos of them as I dapao and had them in car. Then, we headed down town for 2nd BREAKFAST!! Wanted to go to the famous char sao fan at Fang Yuen, but unfortunately, it was closed that day. So, we went to ABC food court. I had Ngiao Chu Kueh (老鼠粉) as recommended by George. Tasted good~~ My dad also ordered Rojak. Well.. Not as good as the ones in Penang I think.
Rojak (RM4.00)
Ngaio Chu Kueh 老鼠粉

Two breakfasts are definitely enough for me to skip my lunch. As for my dinner, we went to Pending Hawker Centre. There are many seafood sellers and we chose L&L, which is our usual dining spot for seafood in Pending. The food here are nice and cheap! I was craving for crabs and so, we had 2 kgs of crabs, cooked in different styles. YUM YUM!!
Kuching O'Jian.. Not many oysters :( The skin was very crispy, unlike the ones in Penang. 
Kuching's Famous Stir Fried Belacan Bidin. You can't get bidin in Penang.
Ostrich meat in soya sauce and dried chilli. The meat was tender and sauce was so savoury which would make you ask for MORE!

Finally, my crabs were here!
1kg Salted Egg Crab. As usual, this dish never fail to satisfy our taste buds. =p~
Another view of the dish
1kg Black Pepper Crab. This was our first time to order crabs cooked in this sauce. We normally have salted egg ones, but this was really good too! Only to people who like black pepper I guessed. The sauce was spicy and blended well with the crab meats.
2kgs CRABS
I had a kg of the crabs that night and my stomach was totally bloated. I also had durians that night.. 
Gosh~~ Thinking of these, I missed my times in Kuching.. :'(

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