Saturday, 20 October 2012

Malay cuisine for breakfast @ Coffee O' Corner

Looking for nice Mee Jawa or Malay food in Kuching? You can get nice ones at Coffee O'Corner, Satok. The shop operates from morning till noon. I think they are closed at night as Raja Ayam Penyet which is just opposite them operates at night. Like most Malay coffee shops, Coffee O' Corner is always packed with Malay customers. It's very rare to see Chinese around. Nevertheless, the shop sells nice Malay food like Mee Jawa, Nasi Ayam Penyet, Nasi Ayam Bakar, fast food, Laksa, Mee Rojak etc. The Teh Tarik here tastes good as well. 

Some of the stalls around:

Bubbly hot Teh Tarik!
All of us ordered Mee Jawa.
Mee Jawa Special (with Satay). YUMMY!!

Extra satay if you want. Chicken and beef satay are available.
Closer view of the Mee Jawa Special (RM5). Slurps~~~

Try out this shop. Besides from having nice food, the service attendants here are very friendly and the place is clean.

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