Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lunch @ Azuma Japanese Restaurant

Azuma Japanese Restaurant is a classy japanese restaurant at Queensbay Mall. The interior is nicely decorated, giving you the japanese feeling. 
Lots of sakes placed on the glass cabinet.

Green Tea (RM1.00) - Free flow
Looks nice!! RM 5.80
Pickled Sushi Ginger (FREE!!)
Chawan Mushi (RM3.80)
Unagi Yanadawa Don (RM22.00). Wen Yin had this. Mouth-watering!!
Tenjyu (RM18.00). For those who likes Tempura, this looks good. 
Inariwa Udon (RM13.00). It's nice. A simple and plain dish, but the hot soup was really satisfying.

That was for our lunch and we had 10% discount for being Agilent's staff. But still, we had to pay back with the government tax and servicecharge. =.=

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