Monday, 1 October 2012

First Attempt in Agilent's Cafeteria

I am already attached to Agilent for 3 weeks, but can you believe that I never have my meals here yet? I had meeting in the office this morning, so I finally had the chance to try out the cheap lunch in the cafeteria. It was supposed to have varieties of food there, but as we came in late (which was only 1230pm), there's only one stall open for business. A number of fast foods were available. 
This was what I had. A piece of chicken and two veges. Actual price was RM3.30, but because we, the Agilent employees, have RM2 subsidy, so I only have to pay RM1.30 for my lunch. CHEAPEST LUNCH EVER!!
My manager also ordered a plate of Rojak for us. How nice~~ This was quite good.


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