Monday, 29 October 2012

Chicken Claypot Briyani @ Restoran Kapitan (opp. Queensbay)

Our prgram clan often have lunch gathering on Friday as our breaks are longer. One of our gathering spot was Restoran Kapitan, which is just opposite Queensbay. The place serve Northern Indian Cuisine. Before we headed to the place, I was googling about this eating place to get to know the nice food they serve and found out that their Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Claypot Briyani are famous. When we reached, I saw a couple of friends ordering Chicken Claypot Briyani, looked great, so Wen Yin and I decided to share the portion.
Chicekn Briyani Claypot (RM7.50). Huge portion. Luckily we shared out. Quite worth it. Taste-wise was ok as I think most Indian food tastes quite good. :) 
I also happened to try the mint sauce which came along with the roti canai Fei ordered. Tasted good! Something new for me. :D

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