Sunday, 14 October 2012

Swinburne Biotech Club Annual Dinner

This year's Biotech Club dinner was held at Basaga. It's a buffet dinner priced at RM32 per pax for members, RM35 for outsider. Since this would be my final year and I might not have the chance, I went for it. Got chance to catch up with my friends and lecturers. Met some of my seniors and juniors as well. A lot of unfamiliar faces too! New members I guessed..  The club is growing.. :D

Chit-chatting is not my main reason here. The buffet was something I'm more interested in. Haha! Just joking! For our buffet, we had pineapple fried rice, carbonara linguine, curry chicken, BBQ chicken, bolognese spaghetti, fried vege popiah and samosa, mixed vegetables and sweet and sour fish. Nothing special, but that's not the reason we were here, right? =P
First Round
Second Round
 From what I had, obviously I was very full. After feasting, time for photoshooting session~
With Dr. Moritz. I looked tired.. Hmm~
Group photo for our badge with the lecturers.
Another one. The complete one with Samson in.

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