Sunday, 21 October 2012

Shop shop @ Bayan Baru Market

To familiarize the area where I stayed, I went to the morning market nearby by Bus No.11. Hehe.. Which means by feet. It took me about 5 to 10 mins walk. Quite near. I went to see what's there so that I can plan for my shopping next time. :) 
Look at all the stuff I bought. Had to stock up my new place to feel like home. :D
There are lots of hawker stalls there as well. Took me some time to choose what's for breakfast or brunch actually. I went for the Duck Meat Kway Tiao Teng as it was quite crowded. That's normally how people decide, right? More people ordering means the better the food is. :D
Duck Meat Kway Tiao Teng. Forgotten how much was it. It's nice. Served hot which makes it real good when it goes down the tummy in the morning. Out of my expectation, it's not completely duck meat. Pork innards are added which makes the dish more satisfying. 

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